Africa is a vast continent with a wealth of places worth visiting. You can visit the Masai Mara people in Kenya, gazing out over the Serengeti plains, or unwind on a tropical island during a tour through Africa. There are countless sights, activities, and places to discover across the diverse and stunning continent of Africa. The African continent is also home to several breathtaking natural landmarks, such as Victoria Falls referred to as one of the world’s seven natural wonders and there are towering mountain peaks like Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro, which is the tallest mountain in Africa.

The beaches are no less! Magical islands like Zanzibar off the coast of Tanzania and the Bazaruto Archipelago off the coast of Mozambique on Africa’s eastern coastline, you’ll discover warm, turquoise-hued waves and white-sand beaches along the continent’s thousands of miles of coastline. We guarantee that everywhere you travel in Africa, the hospitable, culturally diverse, and colorful continent will leave a special place in your heart.

Kenya Safari with Beach Extension, AFRICA HOLIDAYS


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Explore royalty like never before with our Kenya Safari With Beach Extension Package.    
14 days / 13 nights from
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Explore royalty like never before with our Tanzania Safari With Beach Extension Africa tour package....
15 days / 14 nights from
Escorted Group Tour
In the heart of Africa lies the sacred land of Kenya.
10 Days / 9 Nights from
Escorted Group Tour
Join us on a journey through vast Savannahs of Tanzania and witness the wildlife up and close like n...
6 Days / 5 Nights from
BESTSELLER Escorted Group Tour
Escorted Group Tour:  South Africa is an adventurous hub for many travellers. It is a true calling f...
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