Reducing your carbon footprint and becoming more environmentally friendly

The drive to make our world cleaner and more sustainable is urgent and requires action.  Companies and individuals have a duty to try and reduce the environmental impact of travel because travelling, especially by air, generates a significant carbon footprint. One way for companies to take action is to look at their employee’s footprint and adopt a travel policy which reduced  the carbon emissions generated and offsets emissions which cannot yet be avoided.

The benefits for having a carbon footprint travel policy are as follows –

  • Reduction and cost saving – measuring the carbon footprint of travel helps focus attention on how to avoid and reduce it. This benefits our climate and often saves money.
  • Immediate impact – using carbon offsets to compensate for emissions that cannot yet be avoided is cost effective and a way to make a difference today; they help reduce global emissions through measurable, independently verified projects which reduce or avoid carbon emissions.
  • Reputation – sustainability initiatives add significant value to a business in addition to helping the environment
  • Brand differentiation – distinguishing a company’s brand from its competitors can build customer and staff loyalty. Here at Citibond, we are encouraging our clients to consider adopting a more proactive approach when it comes to this issue, which is why we have teamed up with Climate Impact Partners specialists in carbon market solutions for climate action. Climate Impact Partners has more than 25 years’ experience in this field and hold numerous awards and recognition for the work they do in tackling climate change.

Creating a programme which delivers against your companies’ corporate responsible policy is crucial.

How it works

Carbon emissions for each trip are calculated using Climate Impact Partners’ carbon calculator

The amount of carbon generated by a particular trip can then be offset through the purchase of high-quality carbon credits from verified emission reduction projects.  Climate Impact Partners’ robust portfolio of emission reduction projects not only ensures immediate, positive impact on climate but also works to tackle poverty and improve the health and livelihoods of communities around the world. Examples of some of the projects supported can be found here

So, for every tonne of CO2 produced by travel a carbon credit can be purchased which represents one tonne of verified emissions reduction by a high-quality emissions reduction project.

Citibond Holidays can also help you plan a sustainable travel trips around the world that meets your needs and interests. We work with local partners to ensure that our trips support local communities and promote responsible tourism. Let us help you discover the beauty of World while making a positive impact on the planet.



Citibond Holidays is committed to promoting sustainable travel and can arrange trips to worldwide destinations.

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