5 Things to do in Jordan

Best Holidays in 2023, Stunning Jordan

Jordan has some of the most wonderful and alluring UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. From the symbolic cultural attractions to some of the diverse and vibrant streets, Jordan can be an interesting place to visit. The Red Sea provides awesome opportunities for diving, while the Amman provides a bustling nightlife and a touch of contemporary art. Remote desserts and the spectacular cliffs will leave you astonished.


Recognized as one of the 7 Wonders of the World, sometimes referred to as Red City or Rose City astonishes the visitor always! Furthermore, the Monastery, Street of Façade, The Roman Theatre, Mountain of Aaron, Obelisk Tomb, Al-Khazneh, Djinn Blocks, and High Place of Sacrifice are some breathtaking places on every visitor’s list with some amazing architecture. You can explore the relics of ancient channels by using Siq, the well-known, winding canyon walkway bordered by high walls.

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum or “the Valley of the Moon,” or whatever you like to call is home to the most breathtaking vistas. It makes sure that you have an unearthly experience with enormous cliffs, swirling archways, enormous dunes, and tunnels. Also, it is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site and is a noteworthy location due to its peculiar reddish-orange hues and The Umm Fruth Rock Bridge.

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, which we all know as the lowest point on this planet with a vivid shade of blue, makes sure that you have a classic experience. This picturesque location is made even more impressive by the surrounding salt-covered rock cliffs and desolate red rocky mountains. The opulent resorts on the shore are the ideal way to experience the beauty of stunning sunset over the sea, and a glimpse of Jerusalem at night.

Jerash Ruins

Jerash ruins are undoubtedly the oldest surviving Roman cities around the globe which feature amazing arcaded streets to a huge sports complex. The Archaeological Museum of Jerash boasts some fantastic antiquities and illustrates the history, settlement, and growth of the Jerash. Furthermore, everyone can find something intriguing at the Hippodrome, the Temple of Zeus, and the Hadrian’s Arch.

Desert Castles

Visitors adore exploring the Desert Castles which have an amazing collection of archaeological structures located in the Zarqa Governorate. Surviving in the harsh desert environment while exploring the castle-like Quseir Al-Kharanah, the amazing frescoes of Qasr Amra, the ancient walled fort of Azraq Castle, mosaics of Qasr Al-Hallabat, black rock, and the active archaeological site of Hammam as-Sarah make sure you have the best time in Jordan. The group of buildings has everything from caravans, to military citadels, lodges, and forts.

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Best Holidays in 2023, Stunning Jordan
Jordan has some of the most wonderful and alluring UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. From th...