Prague bustles with activity. Tourists flock to Old Town Square. Trams rattle along cobblestone streets. Locals chat in cozy cafés.

The Astronomical Clock chimes on the hour. Crowds gather to watch its performance. Street vendors sell traditional Czech pastries.

Visitors climb to Prague Castle for stunning views. Artists sketch portraits in the streets. Children laugh as they chase pigeons in parks.

The Charles Bridge teems with pedestrians. Musicians serenade passersby with lively tunes. Boat tours glide along the Vltava River.

In Wenceslas Square, shoppers browse bustling markets. The National Museum stands tall, overlooking the square.

At night, lights illuminate the city’s landmarks. Restaurants serve hearty Czech cuisine. Beer flows freely in lively pubs.

Prague’s beauty enchants visitors from around the world. Its rich history and vibrant culture create an unforgettable experience.