New Zealand

New Zealand is an island country in the Pacific Ocean. It is also know as Kiwi country. It is one of the last lands to be settled by humans because of its remoteness. It geographically consists of two main landmasses that of the North and South Islands and numerous smaller islands. Its exclusive economic zone, one of the largest in the world, covers more than 15 times its land area. There are just not a few things to do in New Zealand; it is jam-packed with things to do. The hardest part is to plan which to do the first, the country has some of the dramatic scenery, long coastline, golden plains, towering mountains, gentle waterfalls, geysers, clean and clear lakes, snow-capped peaks, lush forest valleys, most active super-volcanoes and ancient glaciers frozen in time cascade almost to the sea form the lands of unparalleled natural wonders. The diverse and unique wealth of Maori culture in New Zealand gives a completely satisfaction of a Kiwi experience in traditional arts of carving, weaving, tattooing, performing arts, literature, museums and galleries. The diversity of the landscape, populations and climate, numerous activities and attractions has been a drawing point for many travelers from around the world to have a memorial, wonderful and relaxing holiday.

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