Antwerp City Breaks

We've got all the sizzling hot sightseeing tips for your impending trip to Antwerp. Grab your organizer and get ready to start filling that itinerary.
You'll find yourself surrounded by terrific sights, including the Antwerp Zoo and the Plantin-Moretus Museum. If you'd really like to squeeze the most out of your visit, then check out the Museum Mayer van den Bergh and the ModeMuseum.
It's not important whether you're a prodigy or tone deaf. After exploring the exhibits at Butcher's Hall you'll emerge with a deeper appreciation for the power of melody. There's an excellent range of things to do in this destination. Public squares have many secrets to tell. Stroll over time-worn paths and hunt for clues to the region's history at Antwerp Market Square. Still have some time on your hands? Oh to be a fly on these walls! Picture the major deals and impassioned arguments that have occurred at Antwerp City Hall. Check for tours for a closer look at this significant building.

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