Best places to travel

Citibond Holidays has specialised in providing tailor-made holidays to worldwide destinations for over 45 years. We design the perfect holiday around you and what you want to experience in your chosen destination. We can make your dream holiday become a reality. Here are some of the trending destinations in 2023.

Best Holidays in 2023, South Africa

Stunning Jordan – Petra, Amman, Wadi Musa, Wadi Rum

Jordan has some of the most wonderful and alluring UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. From the symbolic cultural attractions to some of the diverse and vibrant streets, Jordan can be an interesting place to visit. The Red Sea provides awesome opportunities for diving, while the Amman provides a bustling nightlife and a touch of contemporary art. Remote desserts and the spectacular cliffs will leave you astonished.

Brazil & Peru

A continent of diverse terrain, South America boasts all the superlatives, including the highest, driest, largest, deepest, rarest, and many more. From Caracas to Tierra del Fuego, there are attractions everywhere, ensuring that every traveler may find something to interest them. For a glimpse of a wonderful patchwork of breathtaking landscapes with snow-capped mountains, amazing jungles, and breathtaking deserts, tourists are swarming towards this equatorial region. Whether you choose to go on an adventure or take a more leisurely holiday, South America won’t let you down. Wherever you go, the continent’s irresistible soul and passionate Latin enthusiasm will captivate you.

While tourists can select between upmarket boutiques in major cities like Rio de Janeiro or the vibrant markets of Andean towns, environmentalists will enjoy the well-preserved Pantanal in Brazil. On the other hand, Peru is one of the most distinctive travel destinations on the continent due to the variety of terrain, the inhabitants, and the adventures. Explore the ruins of long-gone civilizations, take in the breathtaking scenery practically wherever you walk or indulge your palate with local cuisine.

Japan is a real feast for travellers from all sides of the world

Japan is undoubtedly the place that everyone should visit once in their life. It is truly a country blessed with amazing sights, incredible architecture, and all in all it is just a very beautiful country with a very fascinating culture. Aside from all that, the food here is delicious, the Japanese people are also very nice and polite, and Japan also has the most efficient public transport system in the world.


Vietnam is incredibly diversified in terms of both its natural beauty and cultural diversity. The variety of tourist attractions in Vietnam is mind-boggling. This captivating nation is endowed with breathtaking natural beauty, several World Heritage Sites, historical legacies, and vibrant cities showcasing multi-national architectural wonders. This intriguing nation is one of Southeast Asia’s most undervalued travel destinations and is full of surprises. You could plan your sightseeing with the guidance of our list of the top tourist attractions in Vietnam.


A trip to the well-known site of Angkor offers the chance to see temples that are unparalleled in size and majesty in Southeast Asia, although the major cities are fast-modernizing. Smaller towns and villages offer the possibility to experience a more traditional way of life, including jungle excursions and the opportunity to explore even more amazing old ruins